Transversal Bis is a project by Johana Zambrano and Lourdes Navarro.

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Transversal Bis is a series of sculptures that represents objects and everyday situations in Bogotá that are often ignored due to their condition of abandonment, but which over time have become a symbiosis of the city. In this way, the project highlights ignored settings and objects, recognizing them as a record of it through the artistic expression of each of the performing artists. The work has been developed from the dialogue between the two, where each one intervenes with drawing a transparent acrylic sheet. After this, the drawings are embedded in a concrete block going from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional format. Thus, the transparent acrylic sheets allow one drawing to be integrated into the other, managing to complement each other as a single piece.

The concrete block represents the city, being the material that invades that environment everywhere.