Remedios en Tinta is a project by Estefanía Rodríguez, Ingrith Torres and Lourdes Navarro.


We are three visual artists who met in an arts teaching project for boys and girls in the city. We share many teas and coffes on class breaks and we find a common point: the desire to create. What to create? When? Where? None of this really mattered: we wanted to do it and that was it.

We decided to meet to start a process that lasted several months, in which we met with drawing and painting, weekly, in a park or café in the city. These were encounters of disconnection and creativity. After several meetings, we decided to paint one medicinal plant per session.

Later, we wanted to find a way to compile them, giving birth to a collective project that would give unity to the lines, thoughts and interactions between us regarding the vegetable kingdom: we talked about the ointments, baths, drinks and aromas that have accompanied us from our childhood, mixing the stories of the grandmothers with the advice of the mothers. From here comes Remedios en Tinta, a collection of unconventional botanical illustrations that, although they share the same theme, diverge in the ways of doing and in their perspectives, because in its development the state of synesthesia that each plant generated in us with its essence through the multiple memories they have managed to remove. 

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This book is still in the process of layout and printing. I'll upload the images soon.