The project ¡Qué lámpara! is a sculpture that highlights the extremes of social classes that continually cohabit in Bogotá. It is a lamp (Imperial Chandelier 10 lights) that shows the coexistence of the rich and the poor: luxury is represented by the reference to the classic and elegant Chandelier, which since its first production in the 17th century, has been the the exquisite decoration of the monarchy and the elite. Poverty finds its place in the small pieces of handmade bricks that adorn the lamp, since the vast majority of Bogota's pirate and invasion neighborhoods are made of brick. The houses in these areas of the city essentially use brick due to its low cost and the large brick and brick industry that is also found in these peripheral areas of the city.

Thus, sculpture is not only an artifact of decoration, it is also an object that produces light and therefore illuminates that which is invisible to the eyes of luxury and the elite: marginality. 


Finally, the project ¡Qué lámpara! results in an ironic object that point to the coexistence of luxury and poverty, and question the limits between these two social spheres that appear to be separate but actually coexist in Bogotá.

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