The project ¡Qué lámpara!! is a series of paintings that highlight the extremes of social classes that continually cohabit in Bogotá. They describe the unique architecture of Bogotá's slums.

These neighborhoods are generally located on the hills of the city, reflecting a reality of contemporary urban life, since they are characterized by a condensed and uniform population, an architectural homogenization that responds to two fundamental aspects: the use of materials frequently used in construction of this type of housing (brick and mud).

The paintings are made on cedar wood, gold leaf (to indicate the rich social classes) and house compositions where acrylic paint mixed with sand and brick dust is used to represent the houses and their typical building materials.


The project ¡Qué lámpara! results in an ironic object that point to the coexistence of luxury and poverty, and question the limits between these two social spheres that appear to be separate but actually coexist in Bogotá.

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