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"Our commitment is to have to defend ourselves against those who attack us," Colombian Police.


Love acts project contrasts the delicacy of engraving versus the rudeness of the riot police Esmad of Bogota. On the one hand, the engraving's own conception is that it is a delicate technique, involving attention, time and patience, - almost as an act of love - versus the ESMAD police, which has configured itself as an impulsive, reckless and rude force, which is supposed to work for the people, but always goes against them. In this way, the project is outlined as a contrast between very opposite ideas, but which are configured and make sense through the opposition in this project.


Regarding the technique, I decided to print linoleum engraving on Fabriano pink paper, since the delicacy that characterizes this paper plays very well with the idea of ​​tenderness. On the other hand, images of the police seek to have a robust representation with large areas of blacks and carved with thick gauge gouges.